Glossary of Uncommon SEO Terminology

SEO glossary of terminology, definitions and acronyms.

SEO terminology and definitions for SEO professionals, optimists, posers, idiots and enthusiasts.



Above the Fold - The portion of a web page visible without having to scroll down; considered prime real estate for Internet advertisers.

Absolute URL - The complete path to a document including the domain and file name.

AdSense - Text based advertising program for publishers from Google.
AdWords - Text based PPC advertising program for advertisers from Google.

Affiliate Program - Pay for performance program providing commissioned income from referrals resulting in a completed sale.

Algorithm - Scientific or mathematical program used to determine search results.

Alt Tag - Attribute used in HTML document to specify alternative text for images; often used by naive webmasters to stuff keywords.

Anchor Text - The text associated with or found within an active hyperlink.

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Back Links - Links pointing to a web page.

Bad Neighborhoods - Sites owned by spammers which are possibly banned or penalized for tactics which violate search engine guidelines.

Banned - Having a site removed from a search engine's index.

Black Hat SEO - Someone practicing SEO behind closed doors; possibly with the aid of an Ouija board.

Blogger - A free blog publishing platform from Google referred to around webmaster circles as Splogspot because of the number of splogs regularly published by webmasters for the sole purpose of spamming Google's search index.

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Cache - A copy of a web page stored in a search engine's database.

Catt Mutts - That's me!

Chrome - Web browser from Google.

CMS - Content Management System; a management and publication application allowing for the creation and maintenance of documents and content.

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DoFollow - Nonsensical term used to designate the absence of the NoFollow attribute of a link; typically used by SEO posers.

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External Links - Inbound or outbound link pointing to a different domain than where the link originates..

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Firefox - A cross-platform Web browser from the Mozilla Foundation based on the Mozilla project.

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GooFollow - Hypothetical attribute added to a hyperlink to ensure Googlebot will follow the link.

Googlebot - User-agent of Google's search engine spider which crawls the web to retrieve web pages/documents.

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Inbound Link - An external link pointing to your web site or web page.

Internal Link
- A link pointing to a web page or document within a web site.

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JavaScript - Scripting language used for client side applications.

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Keyword Stuffing - Unlike traditional Thanksgiving stuffing, this one is full of repetitive keywords and phrases that accomplish little more than to demonstrate how naive an SEO really is.

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Link Pimp- Found outside of PubCon conferences scalping color coded text links ranging from white to green.

Link Monkey - Derogatory term used to describe someone who tries to obtain links.

Layering - yada yada.

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Matt Cutts - Emmy's pet human; persistent shutter bug.

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NoFollow - HTML attribute of a hyperlink instructing search engine robots to disregard the link when calculating search engine rankings.

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Outbound Link - A link leading or pointing away from your web site or web page.

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PageRank - The current hot web commodity with fluctuating settlement pricing and increased trading in webmaster futures exchanges.

PageRank Sculpting - PageRank hoarding by using the nofollow attribute on links pointing to low value pages within a site in an effort to pass the maximum amount of PageRank to important pages.

Penalty - Applied to web sites found to have violated search engine guidelines; results in limited appearance in the SERPs.

Pixel Envy - The resentment of another's foolbar PageRank.

Poser - A wannabe SEO expert.

PPC - Advertising program allowing advertisers to bid for ad placement based on an amount they're willing to pay per click or visitor.

PPC - Pills, Porn and Casinos; acronym to define bad neighborhoods.

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Relative URL - Points to a file, directory or page in the current file or folder.

Reconsideration Request - Form within Webmaster Tools where you get to beg for forgiveness if caught misbehaving by Google; some webmasters have reported hearing the sounds of laughter when submitting the form.

Resubmit - The first sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in a webmaster desirous of a listing in the Open Directory Project.

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Sandbox- Where Emmy and I get to play with new domains before they're released to the general public by Google. Some of the spammy ones are moved to the litter box for extended periods.

Search Engine - Information retrieval system designed to be manipulated like Silly Putty.

SEO - Search Engine Optimist; anyone frequenting webmaster forums claiming to be an expert.

SERPs - Search Engine Results Page; the organic search results for a given query.

SPAM - Sites Positioned Above Mine; sites which outrank another SEO's sites are perceived as spam.

Splog - A spam blog

Splogspot - A free splogging platform from Google.

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Text Link - A text based hyperlink.

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Usability - The ease of which visitors are able to use a site.

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Web Page - A single document or page from within a web site.

Web Site - A collection of web pages or documents, images and multimedia located under a single domain.

White Hat SEO - Someone performing SEO out in the open and without reservation.

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XML - Extensible Markup Language; file/document format used for sharing of structured data; commonly used to create a sitemap.

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This glossary last updated on July 12, 2011