Estimate Your Shoji Doors

The form below will help you estimate your shoji doors.

Estimate includes; 1-3/8" thick shoji frames; please select from the options below to complete your doors.
Please enter your dimensions in inches and the number of doors required for your opening.
Then click 'calc'.
Opening size in inches:

Number of shoji doors

The above dimension are required for the base price for the frames.
Upgrade wood species
Stain and Finish $
Basic shoji papers
Upgrade to heavier weight paper $
Upgrade to laminated Warlon paper $
Basic Kumiko patterns $
Custom Kumiko patterns $
Inlaid Door Pulls $
Lower Door Panels $
Tracking choose one type    
Overhead tracks and floor guides
Number of tracks required - - -
Hinged doors instead of overhead tracks.
Used when the shoji doors need to swing in or out.
Estimate Total   $

Please note - all our shoji doors and screens are made to order.

We also build shoji doors with 1-3/4" frames, please call for an estimate.

For additional information on the materials we use please contact us.

Crates are usually $150 each. Shipping costs will vary.